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What is School Based HealthCare?

  • School-based health centers are the center of health in the schools where they are based.

  • Students, staff, and their families rely on school-based health centers to meet their needs for a full range of age-appropriate health care services.

  • Students can be treated for acute illnesses, such as strep or flu, and chronic conditions, including asthma and diabetes.

  • With an emphasis on prevention, early intervention and risk reduction, school-based health centers counsel students on healthy habits and how to prevent injury, violence and other threats.

  • Nearly 2,000 school-based health centers operate nationwide, according to the most recent National Assembly on School-Based Health Care census. Most are open every day school is in session.

About Telehealth

Telehealth is an increasingly popular model of delivering health care. Our providers have the ability to treat patients through Telehealth carts specifically purchased for the school setting.  Our providers can hear your heartbeat, see in your throat, view your rashes, and see inside your ears from this equipment.  It is truly amazing!  No one has to leave work to bring your child to the doctor.  We can determine if they need to go home and have the excuse ready for you before you pick them up!


We are partnering with the schools to make getting your child's school physicals and immunizations as easy as they can be. While we don't offer immunizations in the school setting just yet, we will work with you and your child to schedule a convenient time at the main clinic to get those vaccines completed!  We offer all childhood immunizations for ages 2 and up, including the HPV Vaccine.

Available School Based Services

Our students, staff, and families have a plethora of treatment options available to them.  from band aids to oral medications to telehealth visits with an A Plus local provider.

​A Plus Family HealthCare can provide the following care options:

  • minor injury treatment without the assist of a provider (including band aids, Neosporin, ice packs, Tylenol)

  • Minor symptom treatment (including acid reducers, chapstick, Tylenol/Advil for headache, hydrocortisone for itch relief,etc)

  • Telehealth appointments with providers for acute conditions including bacterial infections, viral infections, urinary tract infections, ear pain, allergies, and lice. Prescriptions will be waiting at your pharmacy!

  • Monitoring and medication dispensing for chronic conditions including diabetes, seizure disorders, and asthma.

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